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Nam_CoBanda Event, starting July 1st

Starting July 1st, Nam_Cobanda is going to go through a small change. By change I mean, there will be new characters appearing on the Island.

All characters under the Namco, Bandai, or Namco Bandai franchise will now be able to post at the Dressing room.

There's a lot and I can't think of them all off my head, but examples of series are:

Soul Caliber
Eternal Sonata
Pac-man (Yes, pac-man)

Just to name a few.

This has a listing of all companies that apply. Just scroll down.

If you have any questions about any series you're not sure applies to this, go ahead and ask here.

Starting July 1st, entries should also include a labeled by series. Ex. [Canon] Nameofseries, [Character] nameofchar.

How long will this event last? Unknown duration for the time being. We want to see how well this idea works and will likely bring up a poll about ending the event or continuing it in a few months.

Vistiing Locations in April

Oresoren Village
[Tales of Legendia]
Village of the Oresoren, a race (who look like otters) that loves to sing, dance and play music.

[Tales of Vesperia]
Known for it's barrier blastia, which is a large cherry blossom tree. The pretty luluria petals are valued for synthesizing panacea bottles.

Starting Thursday, April 1st Midnight [EST], these locations will be "visiting" the island. They will stay until the end of the month (April 30th, Midnight). A Dungeon will also appear sometime during the month.

There will be Oresoren inhabiting their village, playing their songs and musics to all that will listen to them. Halure will have Antlions, Katz and Kowz wandering the streets and tending the shops.

Feel free to leave a comment if you guys have any questions. Also, we be happy to hear suggestions for the next location event. What places do you guys want to see appear here?


Hope I'm doing this right...hello, fellow Tales fans~ I'm am a somewhat recent (as of a few months ago) addition to the LJ roleplaying world, though I've been rping in other formats for years. I have....way too many Tales muses, so I thought a dressing room would be best to stop myself from joining too many games. But, well, I've never done this before, so any advice is appreciated~

A little about myself, then:

Name: Enzel
personal LJ: sakurabatou
Tales games played: Symphonia, Rebirth, Abyss, Vesperia, Radiant Mythology, VS

tenshi_tenshi (Colette Brunel, Tales of Symphonia)
premieretoile/brighterheavens (Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Tales of Vesperia)
soryurengazan/infinitecombo (Yuri Lowell, Tales of Vesperia)
lovecroquettes (Yuri Lowell [genderswitched])
furyblast/cyaninstant (Raven, Tales of Vesperia)
variabledge (Raven [genderswitched])
entelexeia_king (Elucifer, Tales of Vesperia)
smart_style (Guy Cecil, Tales of the Abyss [post-game])
hopelessdreamer (Guy Cecil, Tales of the Abyss)
sunlightfortwo (Luke fon Fabre, Tales of the Abyss [post-game])
temperest (Sync, Tales of the Abyss)
inferno_drive (Mao, Tales of Rebirth)
flare_shot (Mao, Tales of VS)

..when I said "too many", I meant "too many" x.x The ones I have in games I probably won't be using here, though. ^^; Feel free to hit me up here, or on IM (terrainpyjamas), I love nerding about these games with people. <3
All right guys, I got a poll here for all of you, so please vote and give us input. As the suggestion did come up a while back, I'm going to bring it up with everyone now.

Would you guys like to temporarily open up the Dressing Room to other series under Namco and Bandai? Temporary, because we like to see how everyone will take to the idea and can then decide whether to make the change permanent or to completely drop the idea. Thing is, I'm not sure for how long of a period to keep this option open. So this is where you guys can help us. You must be a member of this community to do the poll and please don't cheat by using your other accounts. Vote ONCE.

You may look up the different series under Namco and Bandai on Wiki or any other source.

Poll #1510849 Namco Bandai Characters

How long should we allow other Namco Bandai characters here?

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Too Early
Not at all
Other (Please Explain)

Also, TALES OF GRACES CHARACTERS are now allowed to be played at the Dressing room.

Event Suggestion post!

Do you have an awesome idea for an event? Something epic, something dramatic or something just plain ol' silly?

We'll like to hear it! Just comment here and we'll thank you profusely for your idea before we steal all the credit put the idea to good use!

Hey guys, have a meme!


Make a thread there and then leave a comment here so we can send you some love!


Dec. 25th, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

To everyone that celebrate the holiday! Hoping everyone's having a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Dec. 24th, 2009

I'm not here, Hiatus for the next 5 days so I won't be online at all really. Sorry folks, you know how the season works. I expect many other people will be celebrating as well. So Merry Christmas from me! (Yup it's christmas day in 9 mins for me haha)


Back from reviewing my Mid-terms. 
Hopefully, i didn't miss too much.
Hm. . .That's all i guess.

Oh, and happy holidays to everyone!~  Along, with enjoying their day offs from work or school.  :)

A Gift for You! Event

A Gift for You!
Date: December 24-31
Starting on Christmas Eve, presents of various sizes will start to appear around the island. Some might even start falling from the sky, or appear in some of the strangest locations (in toilets, cups, eggs, etc). Now what's exactly in them? Anything a character would find from their own world. But be careful, some of the presents aren't as friendly as they seem. Some might explode if you try to open them, others may contain monsters, or can even poison you or make you sick. Now here's where you can stretch what sort of illness you want. Maybe it's an illness that changes you to the opposite gender, another can cause you unable to speak, or you can be stuck in a santa outfit. Up to you. Oh, these gifts and effects will disappear once the New Year arrives.

Any questions, particularly about what illness or gifts are allowed, feel free to ask here.

UPDATE: Ah um. If you're going to be effected by the event, make sure to use the Event tag, and put something event related in the subject line of your posts so people know you're taking part.
Should've posted this earlier.

Anyway, this week's generally sucked badly for me, so if I take a long time to respond to any tags, I'm REALLY sorry, and I'll get to them as soon as I'm able to. As for the characters in the dressing room I play who this might affect?

here be listingsCollapse )

Again, sorry, everyone. .__.;;; Here's hoping my mood picks up sometime soonish.

December Locations

Keterburg City
[Tales of the Abyss]
This city is famous for its luxurious hotel (spa included) and casino.

[Tales of Symphonia]
Known for its bizarre sculptures of various mascots.

The Blade Drifts of Zophier
[Tales of Vesperia-Dungeon]
The monster that "rules" this dungeon is call the Baitojoh.

Starting this Sunday, December 13th Midnight [EST], these locations will be "visiting" the island. Because this is a festive month, the towns will be staying until January 2nd instead of the standard two weeks. The Dungeon will leave on December 27th.

Expect the main attractions in the town, like the hotel and casino in Keterburg City to be run by Antlions, Katz and Kowz. Other then that, the places are deserted besides the occasional mascot people roaming about and working at the shops. The exception is the dungeon. Monster native to that dungeon will start appearing around the island. There is only one Baitojoh that anyone is free to run into and try to take down. I suggest you don't try it alone though. (If it is taken down, please leave a note somewhere in the entry where it happen that the Baitojoh has been defeated)

Event will be announce sometime during next week. Any questions and/or comments about the locations, post here.
So yep, I'm going on a semi-hiatus/hiatus. The reasons are as stated here.

Here's the list of peoplez I play.

Anywho, I'll pretty much be back around the 17th? Although as a preemptive warning, I think I'll be pretty busy when winter vacation ends, but eh, we'll get to that as we go.

Keep it cool, guys~!


Dec. 6th, 2009

I think i should've posted this earlier...

But anyway, I will be going on a rather small semi-hiatus. I will get to tags slowly, and i'll be on and off.
Will mid-terms approaching, i really need to get my self organized and prepared for these.

This only effects Natalia { kimlascahime

I should be back perhaps a week before or a couple days before Christmas.
Enjoy your week, everybody! :)


*sighs* Real Life calls

Hey, Taisa here.

I'm posting a hiatus notif here, since I'm in a lot of threads right now with you guys and I figure I should let you guys know. If I suddenly go scarce or disappear completely I'm catching up on things for my exams next week.

Here, have a char list

Mods, I'm sure you guys can handle things during my week and a half absence. If it be cool, can we announce the event and locations when I get back? Or you guys can get in touch with me if you want to go with posting the locations and/or event while I'm out, we can discuss about that. I'll keep contact open for discussions or if any problems arise that you guys need me for.

Now all of you behave kay? And sorry for the short notice.

Oh hay, I made a hiatus example post in the process. Woot.