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Temporary invite of other characters under the Namco Bandai franchise

All right guys, I got a poll here for all of you, so please vote and give us input. As the suggestion did come up a while back, I'm going to bring it up with everyone now.

Would you guys like to temporarily open up the Dressing Room to other series under Namco and Bandai? Temporary, because we like to see how everyone will take to the idea and can then decide whether to make the change permanent or to completely drop the idea. Thing is, I'm not sure for how long of a period to keep this option open. So this is where you guys can help us. You must be a member of this community to do the poll and please don't cheat by using your other accounts. Vote ONCE.

You may look up the different series under Namco and Bandai on Wiki or any other source.

Poll #1510849 Namco Bandai Characters

How long should we allow other Namco Bandai characters here?

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Too Early
Not at all
Other (Please Explain)

Also, TALES OF GRACES CHARACTERS are now allowed to be played at the Dressing room.
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