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I would like to announce that nam_cobanda is officially



As stated previously, there are no locations that are visiting the island right now, but we will probably be seeing something in December. Visibility beyond the island is probably close to zero. It is the cold season and fog often surrounds the island. And yes, we do have the occasional snowfall.


Sodia has suggested doing a Christmas Event and having snow towns "visiting" the island. As I'm only familiar with Abyss, Symphonia and Vesperia, would you guys mind listing any other snow towns in the other Tales games? Normally, we can have up to three towns visiting at one time, but if you guys want...during the Christmas event, one town from each Tales Game may "visit" the island.

Concerning the Christmas Event, what do you guys want to happen during this Christmas Event?

You guys are also free to start posting suggestions here for January.


Also, a poll will probably be appearing in a few weeks concerning allowing other fandoms under Namco Bandai to be played here. Fandoms include, but not limited to- Gundam, Digimon, Klonoa, Katamari, Eternal Sonata, .Hack, etc.

If there are any further questions that you guys aren't clear about, this is where to go to ask. Other then that, have fun!

If my two mods want to, you're free to introduce yourself in this entry and have a mingle fest.
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