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Clarification Post and List of stuff to do!

Hey everyone, I hope those of you who celebrate the holiday had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday.

I'm posting this to clarify a few more things about the Dressing Room now that we're in the full swing of things (Don't worry! It's pretty harmless). Basically, we would like some input about these ideas.

Regarding the fairgrounds.

NPCs/Droids are running the stalls and rides, though it will go through periods where there's no one there at all. Guess they decided to go on vacation.

I'm pondering over whether there should be a token system also. Tokens will be found in various parts of the island so they're not too hard to find, but you'll need them in order to do the activities at the fair. What do you guys think?

Regarding the visiting Islands

Considering there are some towns that are not settle near a body of water, these visiting towns are not exactly the same towns you all know. For one thing, they're deserted when you go to visit them. I'm considering that the towns come with a "surprise" or two when people go to visit them though. Perhaps visiting a memory, hallucinations of seeing people they know, maybe a little present, I'm not sure yet.

kazzisato suggested that special bridges should be on the island that connect the island to the visiting towns. I'm thinking about the bridges being only on the visiting island themselves. Here's the full discussion about it since I er fail at explaining this. What is everyone thoughts on this?

We haven't clarify what towns should come to visit in January, so feel free to post suggestions here. Also, besides towns, anyone want dungeons to appear as well?

Regarding Events for Dec and Jan

We have one event suggestion for December and one suggestion for January. We're still open to hearing what other events you guys would like to have here as well.

So the important stuff we would like to know ASAP is Events for Dec and Jan and Locations for Jan and there are links set up for where to go to suggest that.

This post is for input from you guys on the ideas we suggested above. Good? Trash it? Modify it? Anything else you guys don't understand?

UPDATE REGARDING A TAG: I know the "[canon]tales of" tag is kind of redundant right now, but it's going to stay as so until after we make the decision of whether to make this place a multi-fandom under NAmco Bandai place or remain Tales only. If it remains Tales only, we will consider changing the tag to Tales of [Name of fandom] respectively.
Tags: !annoucement, !request: events, !request: locations
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