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Taisa タイサ

Re-Opening of Nam_Cobanda

Greetings everyone and welcome to Nam_Cobanda. The Community is currently CLOSED until a few things have been clarified.

This is a special dressing room that allows all chars from any fandom, OCs and even yourself, the mun.

My name is Taisa and I've...turn head mod I guess of the place. I generally write Tales of characters so expect a few to pop around here and there.

I will be recruiting a second and third mod now.

I'm looking for someone I know and can rely on. Someone who can stay active at least two days in a week. I would also need their contact information in case something comes up or we want to plan events and such.

Your job is simple, to make sure people are tagging their entries properly and behaving themselves. You'll need to also add new tags in case there isn't an existing tag for it. If there is an issue, make sure you speak with another mod before placing judgment on the situation. No one mod should make all the decisions without a second opinion.


Also. Chatroom. You guys want one or not? If so, on what messenger program?

Would you guys like to see existing locations here? This place could be Tales-verse-ish with various other fandom chars in it. Locations could rotate maybe once a month, and we can have a vote about what locations will appear.

Do you guys want this to be multi-fandom or Tales only? Should Muns and OCs be allow to post or have restrictions (Which I don't get, since you can choose not to respond if you don't want to)?


Just a few rules I like to go over with everyone.

1. Please respect other players. They give you respect, give the same respect back. If there is a problem, either talk to the person you have a problem with directly or talk to a mod. Harrassment of other players is frown upon here, so don't do it or you will be banned.

2. No Godmodding. Unless given permission by the other players, don't decide or play out the other character's actions.

3. Any and all versions of characters are allowed. This includes AUs, genderbents, crack chars, etc.

4. Tagging. If you've been to dear_mun then you're familiar with the system. If your character is from a canon series, it should be set up like so. [Canon]NAMEOFSERIES. Muns and OCs have a different set of tags. For Muns it's [Character]Mun, and for OCs [Character]OC. Only Maintainers can add new tags. If there isn't a tag for your character, a mod will come in and add it for you, as long as you clarify what canon your character's from in the subject line.
[This rule may change]

5. If you're planning to do a mass event, please state so in your subject line so people know the thread is an event. Events could be a monster attack, mass killing, singing contest, etc. This way, people may choose to join or not. Also add the tag !Event. It would also be a good idea to post your event idea in the OOC to see if anyone is interested.

6. You're here to have fun. So please, keep OOC drama outside of the game. In-Char drama's cool, but don't bring your own problems in and cause trouble for others, that's not the point of this community.

...that's all I have for now. If anything else comes up or you guys have any suggestions or questions, this is the entry to post it in.
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