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Taisa タイサ

Vistiing Locations in April

Oresoren Village
[Tales of Legendia]
Village of the Oresoren, a race (who look like otters) that loves to sing, dance and play music.

[Tales of Vesperia]
Known for it's barrier blastia, which is a large cherry blossom tree. The pretty luluria petals are valued for synthesizing panacea bottles.

Starting Thursday, April 1st Midnight [EST], these locations will be "visiting" the island. They will stay until the end of the month (April 30th, Midnight). A Dungeon will also appear sometime during the month.

There will be Oresoren inhabiting their village, playing their songs and musics to all that will listen to them. Halure will have Antlions, Katz and Kowz wandering the streets and tending the shops.

Feel free to leave a comment if you guys have any questions. Also, we be happy to hear suggestions for the next location event. What places do you guys want to see appear here?
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