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Nam_CoBanda Event, starting July 1st

Starting July 1st, Nam_Cobanda is going to go through a small change. By change I mean, there will be new characters appearing on the Island.

All characters under the Namco, Bandai, or Namco Bandai franchise will now be able to post at the Dressing room.

There's a lot and I can't think of them all off my head, but examples of series are:

Soul Caliber
Eternal Sonata
Pac-man (Yes, pac-man)

Just to name a few.

This has a listing of all companies that apply. Just scroll down.

If you have any questions about any series you're not sure applies to this, go ahead and ask here.

Starting July 1st, entries should also include a labeled by series. Ex. [Canon] Nameofseries, [Character] nameofchar.

How long will this event last? Unknown duration for the time being. We want to see how well this idea works and will likely bring up a poll about ending the event or continuing it in a few months.
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