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Backstory/Event Suggestion entry/Rule update

I've made the decision to have the community be made ONLY FOR TALES OF CHARACTERS until further notice. If there's enough interest and activity at the community, then I will post the question again about making the community a panfandom.

Tagging is now change to putting the name of the character. Exmaple: "[character] Yuri Lowell"
Would you guys like to have an AU, Crack, genderbent tag also?

This is about the backstory behind Nam_cobanda.

Nam_Cobanda is a large island that sails over a large body of water that could be the ocean. A large deserted town is located at its center. It even comes with a School complex and a circus! As the island floats along, other islands will collide with their own little towns. Some you might even recognize but...how are towns from different worlds come together in one place? You can have Dahngrest and Daath together for example. They won't stay around permanently and will leave on their own accord. How long, that's what I want to know.

How long should the towns stay around? What do you guys think of the backstory?

I will also leave this entry for big event plans for January
You may also leave requests for locations to show up. A poll will be posted a month before the schedule cycle change.
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