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That is the set day for the official opening of Nam_Cobanda.
We will now go through a period of getting the community known and finalizing anything that still needs work.
Let your friends know about this awesome community!


I would also like to take this time to announce our moderators!

Taisa[Head Mod] silentdrifterz
Kazzi kazzisato
Beth glorious

Welcome Kazzi and Beth to the maintaining squad! They'll be making sure, along with myself, that no one's misbehaving and help with any questions you guys have. I'll also clarify anything the new recruits need clarifying about...I know english.

Please be sure to check out the Event/Location suggestion thread located here

There will be no mass events or locations showing at the start. They will probably start happening next month, maybe. We did receive a request about a Christmas event. :o

Rule have also been updated in the profile for the main community.

...and I think that covers everything. If the Moderators like to introduce themselves here or wait until opening day to do so. I will be making another post. Whenever you guys do, leave a contact or something for people to be able to poke you guys about anything.

I'll update the profile and ooc's profile with the information.

As for me, you guys can reach me through the LJ PM system or on AIM: HikaruAzudragon
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