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Uhh lol confusion?

You guys are free to make your own intro post.

Just thought I let you all know, cause there seems to be some confusion as to where to introduce yourself.

That "intro" thread was really to let you guys know who the mods are, but I'm noticing it's turning into an all intros thread, which is fine, it lets everyone be able to mingle about! You guys can keep posting there if you like, just clarifying that you're not limited to that one entry to introduce yourself.


Clarification Post and List of stuff to do!

Hey everyone, I hope those of you who celebrate the holiday had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday.

I'm posting this to clarify a few more things about the Dressing Room now that we're in the full swing of things (Don't worry! It's pretty harmless). Basically, we would like some input about these ideas.

Regarding the fairgrounds.

NPCs/Droids are running the stalls and rides, though it will go through periods where there's no one there at all. Guess they decided to go on vacation.

I'm pondering over whether there should be a token system also. Tokens will be found in various parts of the island so they're not too hard to find, but you'll need them in order to do the activities at the fair. What do you guys think?

Regarding the visiting Islands

Considering there are some towns that are not settle near a body of water, these visiting towns are not exactly the same towns you all know. For one thing, they're deserted when you go to visit them. I'm considering that the towns come with a "surprise" or two when people go to visit them though. Perhaps visiting a memory, hallucinations of seeing people they know, maybe a little present, I'm not sure yet.

kazzisato suggested that special bridges should be on the island that connect the island to the visiting towns. I'm thinking about the bridges being only on the visiting island themselves. Here's the full discussion about it since I er fail at explaining this. What is everyone thoughts on this?

We haven't clarify what towns should come to visit in January, so feel free to post suggestions here. Also, besides towns, anyone want dungeons to appear as well?

Regarding Events for Dec and Jan

We have one event suggestion for December and one suggestion for January. We're still open to hearing what other events you guys would like to have here as well.

So the important stuff we would like to know ASAP is Events for Dec and Jan and Locations for Jan and there are links set up for where to go to suggest that.

This post is for input from you guys on the ideas we suggested above. Good? Trash it? Modify it? Anything else you guys don't understand?

UPDATE REGARDING A TAG: I know the "[canon]tales of" tag is kind of redundant right now, but it's going to stay as so until after we make the decision of whether to make this place a multi-fandom under NAmco Bandai place or remain Tales only. If it remains Tales only, we will consider changing the tag to Tales of [Name of fandom] respectively.


I would like to announce that nam_cobanda is officially



As stated previously, there are no locations that are visiting the island right now, but we will probably be seeing something in December. Visibility beyond the island is probably close to zero. It is the cold season and fog often surrounds the island. And yes, we do have the occasional snowfall.


Sodia has suggested doing a Christmas Event and having snow towns "visiting" the island. As I'm only familiar with Abyss, Symphonia and Vesperia, would you guys mind listing any other snow towns in the other Tales games? Normally, we can have up to three towns visiting at one time, but if you guys want...during the Christmas event, one town from each Tales Game may "visit" the island.

Concerning the Christmas Event, what do you guys want to happen during this Christmas Event?

You guys are also free to start posting suggestions here for January.


Also, a poll will probably be appearing in a few weeks concerning allowing other fandoms under Namco Bandai to be played here. Fandoms include, but not limited to- Gundam, Digimon, Klonoa, Katamari, Eternal Sonata, .Hack, etc.

If there are any further questions that you guys aren't clear about, this is where to go to ask. Other then that, have fun!

If my two mods want to, you're free to introduce yourself in this entry and have a mingle fest.



That is the set day for the official opening of Nam_Cobanda.
We will now go through a period of getting the community known and finalizing anything that still needs work.
Let your friends know about this awesome community!


I would also like to take this time to announce our moderators!

Taisa[Head Mod] silentdrifterz
Kazzi kazzisato
Beth glorious

Welcome Kazzi and Beth to the maintaining squad! They'll be making sure, along with myself, that no one's misbehaving and help with any questions you guys have. I'll also clarify anything the new recruits need clarifying about...I know english.

Please be sure to check out the Event/Location suggestion thread located here

There will be no mass events or locations showing at the start. They will probably start happening next month, maybe. We did receive a request about a Christmas event. :o

Rule have also been updated in the profile for the main community.

...and I think that covers everything. If the Moderators like to introduce themselves here or wait until opening day to do so. I will be making another post. Whenever you guys do, leave a contact or something for people to be able to poke you guys about anything.

I'll update the profile and ooc's profile with the information.

As for me, you guys can reach me through the LJ PM system or on AIM: HikaruAzudragon
I've made the decision to have the community be made ONLY FOR TALES OF CHARACTERS until further notice. If there's enough interest and activity at the community, then I will post the question again about making the community a panfandom.

Tagging is now change to putting the name of the character. Exmaple: "[character] Yuri Lowell"
Would you guys like to have an AU, Crack, genderbent tag also?

This is about the backstory behind Nam_cobanda.

Nam_Cobanda is a large island that sails over a large body of water that could be the ocean. A large deserted town is located at its center. It even comes with a School complex and a circus! As the island floats along, other islands will collide with their own little towns. Some you might even recognize but...how are towns from different worlds come together in one place? You can have Dahngrest and Daath together for example. They won't stay around permanently and will leave on their own accord. How long, that's what I want to know.

How long should the towns stay around? What do you guys think of the backstory?

I will also leave this entry for big event plans for January
You may also leave requests for locations to show up. A poll will be posted a month before the schedule cycle change.

Re-Opening of Nam_Cobanda

Greetings everyone and welcome to Nam_Cobanda. The Community is currently CLOSED until a few things have been clarified.

This is a special dressing room that allows all chars from any fandom, OCs and even yourself, the mun.

My name is Taisa and I've...turn head mod I guess of the place. I generally write Tales of characters so expect a few to pop around here and there.

I will be recruiting a second and third mod now.

I'm looking for someone I know and can rely on. Someone who can stay active at least two days in a week. I would also need their contact information in case something comes up or we want to plan events and such.

Your job is simple, to make sure people are tagging their entries properly and behaving themselves. You'll need to also add new tags in case there isn't an existing tag for it. If there is an issue, make sure you speak with another mod before placing judgment on the situation. No one mod should make all the decisions without a second opinion.


Also. Chatroom. You guys want one or not? If so, on what messenger program?

Would you guys like to see existing locations here? This place could be Tales-verse-ish with various other fandom chars in it. Locations could rotate maybe once a month, and we can have a vote about what locations will appear.

Do you guys want this to be multi-fandom or Tales only? Should Muns and OCs be allow to post or have restrictions (Which I don't get, since you can choose not to respond if you don't want to)?


Just a few rules I like to go over with everyone.

1. Please respect other players. They give you respect, give the same respect back. If there is a problem, either talk to the person you have a problem with directly or talk to a mod. Harrassment of other players is frown upon here, so don't do it or you will be banned.

2. No Godmodding. Unless given permission by the other players, don't decide or play out the other character's actions.

3. Any and all versions of characters are allowed. This includes AUs, genderbents, crack chars, etc.

4. Tagging. If you've been to dear_mun then you're familiar with the system. If your character is from a canon series, it should be set up like so. [Canon]NAMEOFSERIES. Muns and OCs have a different set of tags. For Muns it's [Character]Mun, and for OCs [Character]OC. Only Maintainers can add new tags. If there isn't a tag for your character, a mod will come in and add it for you, as long as you clarify what canon your character's from in the subject line.
[This rule may change]

5. If you're planning to do a mass event, please state so in your subject line so people know the thread is an event. Events could be a monster attack, mass killing, singing contest, etc. This way, people may choose to join or not. Also add the tag !Event. It would also be a good idea to post your event idea in the OOC to see if anyone is interested.

6. You're here to have fun. So please, keep OOC drama outside of the game. In-Char drama's cool, but don't bring your own problems in and cause trouble for others, that's not the point of this community.

...that's all I have for now. If anything else comes up or you guys have any suggestions or questions, this is the entry to post it in.